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Hario - V60 Outdoor Coffee Bag - Set

Hario - V60 Outdoor Coffee Bag - Set

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A set of Hario Outdoor coffee brewing accessories. The set consists of a storage bag, grinder, dripper, server, kettle, two mugs and paper filters - available in the set at a more favourable price than when purchased separately. The Outdoor series includes accessories that are perfect for camping or traveling, as well as for home coffee brewing. This set is a great way to start your adventure with pour-over coffee brewing methods.

The set includes:

- Hario V60-02 Silver Metal Outdoor Dripper with Silicone Base (O-VDM-02-HSV):
- Hario - V60 Metal Outdoor Coffee Mill (O-VMM-1-HSV):
- Hario V60 Metal Outdoor Coffee Server 500ml (O-VCSM-50-HSV):
- Stainless steel coffee and tea server. 
- Hario Outdoor V60 Metal Drip Buono Kettle 700ml (O-VKB-70-HSV):
- Hario - Two Outdoor V60 Metal Stacking Mugs 320ml (O-VSM-30-HSV):
- Hario - Misarashi Brown Paper Filters - V60-02 - 40 Pieces (VCF-02-40M):
- Hario - V60 Outdoor Coffee Bag (O-VCB-B):

Pack your coffee accessories safely and conveniently! The bag is made of durable and easy-to-clean polyester. It is closed with a zipper and divided into two compartments. The upper one is separated by another zipper and divided into two sections - it can store a pack of coffee and scales. The lower, larger compartment is divided into five sections and can easily hold a dripper, server, kettle, grinder and mug. In addition, there is a filter compartment in the flap.

The bag measures 33cm x 29cm x 17cm (width x depth x height). For carrying convenience, the bag is equipped with a short and a long, detachable handle.

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