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Moccamaster - Thermoking Autofill Coffee Brewer - Black

Moccamaster - Thermoking Autofill Coffee Brewer - Black

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The Thermoserve is perfect for restaurants, small offices and coffee shops. It brews 3 liters of coffee in 7.5 minutes (the jug is sold separately) and even 15 liters per hour.

Why is Moccamaster coffee machine the best automatic brewer on the market? There are several reasons: every Moccamaster is produced by hand in the Netherlands; and most importantly, Moccamaster has been created for you to enjoy delicious coffee. Instead of a glass jug, this model contains a thermal carafe.

Key features:
- Coffee brewing temperature: 92 - 96°C compliant with the ECBC/ SCAE / SCAA requirements,

- Brewing time: 7.5 minutes,

- Autofill function, keeping the tank full,

- filter holder with automatically blocked dripping.

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