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Hario - French Press 300ml - Black

Hario - French Press 300ml - Black

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Hario Cafe Press U is a French Press brewer that is perfect for preparing coffee or tea. It has a simple, elegant form, is easy to use and does not require additional accessories to prepare a delicious brew. The practical capacity of 300ml makes it ideal for preparing coffee or tea for one person.

French Press is an easy-to-use classic that never goes out of style. Just pour ground coffee or tea inside, add hot water, wait a few minutes, push the plunger and that's it. As a double strainer at the end of the plunger separates the majority of the coffee or tea particles from the infusion, the infusion is clear.

The glass vessel is resistant to high temperatures and is additionally protected by a polypropylene casing that is safe in contact with food. The glass tank is removable for more convenient washing. The handle does not heat up, making it easily to hold the press full of hot content. Hario Cafe Press U is manufactured in Japan, complying with the highest standards, making it a solid brewer for years.
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