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Acaia - Pearl 2021 Model Scale - Black

Acaia - Pearl 2021 Model Scale - Black

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Acaia New Pearl (2021) is a professional-grade scale designed especially for pour-over brewing methods. Perfect for coffee professionals, cafés, and home baristas. Pearl monitors weight and time during coffee brewing and offers a Bluetooth connection. Among its new features, there is also flow-rate monitoring, better responsiveness, optimized sunlight readability, new modes, improved battery, and USB-C connection.

- Time, weight, and water flow - these can be monitored simultaneously. The water-flow rate is unique, enabling you to practice pouring and achieve more consistency. Moreover, the responsiveness has been improved, and the maximum capacity increased to 2000g, displayed in increments of 0.1g.

- Bluetooth connection - Acaia provides an app (iOS and Android) that provides more functionality. You can display the parameters real-time, and use the brew guide.

- 5 modes - brewing modes designed for different coffee brewing needs. The modes are Weighing Only and dual Display. Pour Over Auto Start, Portafilter, and Beverage.

- Rechargeable USB-C Power Supply-A greener alternative power source. Lasts up to 40 hours. With a convenient battery indicator.

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