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Barista Space

Barista Space - Handless Kettle 550ml - Blue

Barista Space - Handless Kettle 550ml - Blue

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Barista Space Kettle is a perfect tool for pour-over coffee brewing methods - precise, functional, and well-designed. Its unique features are the special gooseneck with a profiled spout and a wrapping used instead of a handle.

The spout allows you to control the water flow - you can pour water slowly and be precise. The inner wall has a scale engraved on it. It ranges from 100ml to 550 ml with 50ml increments. The scale is useful for those who do not work with electronic scales.

The cover is finished with a wooden handle. A small hole in the lid allows you to place a thermometer in it for better control over the brewing process.

- Total capacity 550 ml.
- Material: stainless steel 304, synthetic leather, wood.

This kettle is not a water heating device - it should not be used with direct heat sources. It can be used only as a pouring device, for water that has been heated up in a proper kettle.
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